todays smells

Today’s Smells
by eric amling
Singed foliage from a time machine in the Ozarks.
The rain tarp over an experimental anniversary gift.
The ventriloquist’s hand, in the dressing room, after
An intense set.
A porcelain bowl of discarded hearing aids.
Haunted guano by an Irish bat on historic rubble.
An open cold-cream jar on the midday windowsill at the K-spa
Reminded me of ox red quartz in the showy plaza of a blood cell.
A Gene Clark cassette sandwiched in the Mazda seats.
The X-ray of a complicated handshake.
Wrestling trading cards drizzled with King Cobra.
A piñata of a corncob pipe filled with baby corncob pipes.
Much later, stink lines from a bog within meters of a crayon
Factory, its consistency like that of a child’s brain.

0 thoughts on “todays smells

  1. discarded kiwis, discarded hearing aids…hell, who needs either. beautiful imagery here. horribly terrifying picture. looks like chuckies decrepid grandfather. not a good look.

  2. This is really cool. Especially the pinata and the x-ray. Refreshing imagery.
    Hey Cerebella, did you say “Discarded Kiwi?” I’m sending him over now to inspect your place for Boyz 2 Men cassettes.

  3. oh i just realised you meant the dummy, not the llfe sized kiwi that ran thru my head with limbs and everything…no, if that thing came after me, i would probably defecate my pants and have the worlds greatest panic attack. the kiwi though? i stand by my previous assertion that i’d skin him. i’d also stick a spork in his guts and ravage ‘him’ to the seed.

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