tan lines

Tan Lines
by ivan jenson
was this only
about summer
iced coffee
and the Atlantic
was it only beach
and barefoot
are you saying
this will never
be strolls
on crackling
autumn leaves
and finally
and noise makers
on New Years Eve
well, if that is
the case
let me take
a picture of
you on
the Boardwalk
at sunset
then let’s go
I’m feeling
a chill in the air

0 thoughts on “tan lines

  1. Anybody else notice that for the past month or two H & H has been stuffed with photos of incredibly hot women? It all started with that naked babe toking the bong, and since then. . . hot women abounding.
    I need to write somethin’ about beautiful women. Notice my photos were, like, a guy with big speakers over his ears, giraffes, skinny kids, and Bukowski’s grave. Hmmm.
    This poem has a fantastic flow, by the way.

  2. Wishful thinking, but stats show our visitors are 67% men. Also, the ratio of “hot girl pics” to other random pics is quite safe. Also, the pictures are found on the internet using key words from the actual poem 90% of the time. For instance, this picture was found googling the words, “tan line”.

  3. I like the hot girl pictures. I was in no way accusing H & H of becoming sexist… just appreciating some of the photos lately. Expect my next submission, “Hot Naked Chicks Boobs and Thongs” soon. (-:

  4. dammit misener, now i have to sound like a feminist. how do you know the picture isn’t a man? you can’t even see most of this person in the pic…just the stoopid belly button ring &their underwears are slightly lifted hence they’re a hot chick. ARGH!
    i digress. i like this poem. i especially like the theme for the week…so positive &cute &uplifting.

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