my job on venice beach

My Job on Venice Beach
by travis catsull
my solar-powered
keeps the chainsaw
juggler going
all day
and he
hardly says a thing,
just keeps juggling
and then
I throw a mattress
into the air
and he saws that in two,
no problem
and everyone claps
and puts some tips
in the chainsaw case
and he takes a break
so I take a nap
and my solar-powered
boom-box drifts off
late in the afternoon
and finally I just go
home and watch
Raising Arizona
on the sofa
with my girlfriend

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  1. I used to hang around Venice a good deal in the late 90’s. I got to know some of the performers. Really though, this quote sums up this poem:
    “The poet lives by exaggeration and makes himself known through misunderstandings.” — Elias Canetti

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