Peer pressure. First time.

Peer pressure. First time.
by sarah ahmad
She asked me how to enhance her personality. Beauty is
a momentous occurrence. Going for a shiny look, stunning
curls always complement the tangled nuts. Pressing on the
small parts. Twisting in honey dew. Extended balls stab at
the nape of your dazzling neck.

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  1. I’ve read this five or six times, and I can’t really figure it out, but it is beautiful. I dig it. I hope Sarah reads this and expounds on the meaning of her work. I’m interested.
    I’m especially interested in what “tangled nuts” and “extended balls” are. LOL.

  2. My grandfather always told me a story, and by always I do mean he repeatedly told it, about how he’d accidently crossed a cantaloupe with a cucumber to invent a new variety of fruit. Practiced in hearing and responding to this tidbit of family legend, I’d chorus with “but cucumber isn’t a fruit Grandpa, it’s a vegetable.” The refrain he shot back was the only bit that ever changed. Usually though it could be summed up by saying he’d called me an idiot and declared that a cucumber was not a god-damned vegetable.
    Not sure how this relates to your poem here but it did remind me of something personal. What do I know? I can’t even keep my edible garden plants straight.

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