foxy's den

Foxy’s Den
by maggie jaffe
Inside, cool forced air of Hotel
Casa del Zorro’s cozy bar.
Outside, an alien tamarisk tree sips H20
insatiably as a golfcourse, and toxic
oleanders hedge the pool where a sunburned
boy with orange flippers and a gold watch
swims in circles. The Anza Borrego desert
begins at the edge, secretive as a side?winder,
unforgiving by June’s end. The piano
player sneezes and adjusts his synthesizer.
Long?nosed, intellectual seeming and badly
bent with arthritis, when he plays something
sad from the 50s, even Yuppie cowboys
feel the ache. Freshly showered, newly prozaced,
I step to the bar. At 49, I have the best-
looking tits in this womanless, over-priced saloon.
Hunched over his pitcher of Margaritas,
is that son-of-a-bitch who broke
my heart? So what. The piano
player takes a spin on the stool next
to mine, and though he’s upbeat,
waving his hands over his crystal
goblet of Armagnac, he says, let’s walk
into the desert and never come back

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  1. Man’s creations pale in comparison to nature and its intent. Very apt portrayal of Hotel/bar scene as typical lonely/pointless facade. Does misery really love company? …To some extent i’m sure. But there’s something in all of us that opens our mind’s eye and yearns for something more, something different–is it real or imagined? It doesn’t matter. We awaken and say to ourselves: “let’s walk into the desert and never come back.”
    Good one! Thx for sharing!

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