Email Me, Grandma

Email Me, Grandma
by gene defcon
Email me, Grandma
I’m checking my phone
I’ve texted you tons and
I know that you’re home
Are you pissed at me, bitch?
That’s so immature
You called me a hater
As if, like, I’m sure

0 thoughts on “Email Me, Grandma

  1. With a potty mouth like that, the young man won’t be getting any birthday money–and no hard candy from the dish on the coffee table when he comes to visit grandma. But this is a “LOL” poem–a concise, well written commentary on the generation communication gap–and one of my new favorites from Mr. Defcon.
    @Editor: I think it’s cool his grandma is reading H&H, and on the information superhighway, as slow as she may be going.

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