Plasticized Snoot

Plasticized Snoot
by pat a physics
If you take me apart piece by piece,
arrange my spine not in a linear pattern,
but circular. You can spell things out
with my bones, paint with my blood,
and use tendons to hang the mobiles.
The unifying concept behind my disintegration
must come from your designs.
Remove the roof of my brain. Split my abdomen into six
separate parcels and compare my heart to your hand-
drawn plans. Paste my skin to wooden blocks
with precise technique to build toppling domino ramps.
Turn my teeth into a swinging star to crown your creation.
I promise to be a rewarding kiosk if you make sure
to mount your arrangements to a sheet of polystyrene
and heat it in an oven until it is soft.
A mold can then be applied.
This will afford ease of flexibility
and multiple copies can be made from the same mold.
The axonometric panorama will focus a high potential
of entertainment and profitability.

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