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A new book recently released is worth mentioning titled, “New Poets of the American West”. Numerous poets from 11 western states contributed to this publication. Edited by Lowell Jaeger and filled with lots of great writers. You can find the book on Amazon.com. 550 pages, perfect bound and published by Many Voices Press in Kalispell, Montana.
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  1. That’d be funny. Really it’s just to try and help other poetry publications out. One of core goals is just that, to help. Also, we’re prepping for the launch of the new website that will include news relevant for poets so we need to fill some of the new sections with content in order to populate them on the new version of H and H. Which is starting to come together nicely.
    If you have news about upcoming events, new publications, have a book, reviewed a book, etc. don’t be afraid to send it along. We need content in our “new” areas right now.

  2. Which reminds me. You’ll see some changes and weird things happening on the site for the next week or more. It’s just us behind the scenes screwing with stuff to get the new site looking right.

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