throwing caution

throwing caution
by megan towey
nneneotheosophy ah
enliven me
strata…XXXXX above the ethesphereX
lethal fear I fear
for once I feel so strongly
that we will fall
like anchors
bringing high pitched ringing.
the decibles. scatter like
children from the schoolyard.
one of them…
is too close to the surface, too close
light! time; philosophy, time;
music, time; the artist sighs…
i bring you warmth and hope
and aubades…
song is fleeting note! ephemeral is winter
you have been my life passing by
and mistakes, they’re all i have to
learn from this hopeless feeling
i get when you say you understand.
and i know you can’t.
im a socialist i dont believe in this.
we attach rhyme and reason
to name and season…
you throw with your hand
the universe among idiosyncrasies
(throw caution) to the wind
i know you can’t…but i’ve tried my best
to give us more than a house
with an open door
regrets are all i have from
mornings. i’m XX listless
as XX an oyster without
a pearl. i’m XX wistful as
that fade into you and mist.
Xloved. Xmissed. Xcried. Xapologised.
you don’t need anything. i know
the feeling spreading over you
like this.
i know fire and the warmest ice.
and water turned to snow.
i know what it’s like to have a ransom
that is never paid. ah i’ll pay okay okay

*!_a,#!?*,!^’:/=;!!?%*>}.!C|(alone in)|z;
*!_a,#!?*,!^’:/=;!!?%*>}.!C|(alone in)|z;
!!-;?i|(the ethesphere)|……………………..
.  .  .  .    |(                                    )|.
Note: XXXXXXX indicates a struck passage.

0 thoughts on “throwing caution

  1. Seeing all the X’s made me long for a Dos Equis XX! This is certainly off the beaten path and is surely what many would decry as too ‘abstract’ and/or ‘stream of consciousness’ but i see real merit in these modus operendi and of course true imagination.
    The title, “Throw Caution” is a cut-phrase prompting the reader to finish…’to the wind’? So right away we see a sort of interactive playfulness the author has given the poem. From the first line and thruout much of the work, there is a word jumbalayah which would seem to indicate a confusion or perhaps a ‘writing in tongues’ trance-speak.
    Then clarity comes forth and the poet is able to communicate their emotions–almost like a waxing and waning moment–like the wind, perhaps?
    The reoccurring ‘X’ in the poem i took as a symbol of the unknown, or one’s unknowing which can be a very sinister aspect of life in all its unpredictability.[Poet notes at bottom that x represents ‘struck passage’ but i liked my own understanding of x better and just went with it or stuck to 1st readings perspective. Poet’s mention of ‘fear’, ‘darkness’, ‘hopeless’, among others reaffirms a theme of inner struggle and a coming to grip with emotions.
    1st part of poem starts with ‘I’ this ‘I’ that and would seem confessional but then later on ‘You’ starts popping up bringing into the equation relationship…so many poems follow this pattern and it jossles me everytime (in a good way)!
    Poem had a striking visual effect upon me along with lines, spacing, and overall structure. Very good read! i enjoyed it!

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