haiku aphorisms

Haiku Aphorisms
by rachel lim
Fetal Pig
Looks like your fingers did
some digging today.
Good with or
without lube. How
old are you?
Two hours and
thirty seven minutes for
six pills to dissolve.
Mine don’t bounce.
Yours do.
That’s Life
The glowing lovers danced in Summer’s heat,
the coolest day of Fall was when they wed,
and Winter came as their love grew complete;
but Spring! ah, Spring! was when he found her – dead.
The ears are best to eat.
Save them for first. Then:
the stomach, the toes, the
Tastes like cookies. Not the
loud kind.
Round and soft. Let’s pull
them off.
Corner of my eyes and the
webbing of fingers. Quack.
Three of Cups
Life overabundant
and flowing. Forgive me.
His unassuming verdant bulk sits in sun with ease;
He fixes every passerby with cold and beady stare;
The gaping mouth is lined with rows of sharp and pearly teeth;
The Crocodile is not a fellow I would like to meet!
Confucius said
Buddha can suck my dick.
It is difficult and messy
to kill a man.
Pink and juicy
want a bite?
You don’t love a woman because she
is beautiful. She is beautiful because you
love her.

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  1. Delicious and absurd. Held my interest, and that’s a hard thing to do these days. I can’t even focus on the damn road. I’d read more of this author.

  2. Simply explicit! Seems very honest and real. There’s enough here for thinking-cap fodder as well as a spectacular chuckle. Good read!

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