child's pose

child’s pose
by halifax
a testing of faith before the chalkboard
I’m not looking up in prayer
I stopped here at a question
that has brought me to halt upon my knees
There’s no worship going on though
nagging praise songs don’t stir me
This open uncertainty is what holds tight
The problem is entrancing
a solution would dissolve it
don’t wash it away yet please
I think I’m in there somewhere
and I’d rather think so for awhile,
lost to the freedom of not knowing

0 thoughts on “child's pose

  1. The art of wonder is alive most in children. “Lost to the freedom of not knowing”–that’s a different strain than ‘ignorance is bliss’ i’d say.
    Typically, uncertainty kills us. We live in an industrial and scientific world that depends on answers and precision. I like how this poem explores the other side of that however much it might go against the grain.
    Central metaphor here compares this ‘anchoring in ponderance’ to religion i.e. faith–there’s a lot to think about here–super read!

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