Want to review a book?

Now and again we’ll arrive at our PO Box to find a book of poetry, short stories, etc waiting for us. There’s always a note inside asking us for a review and we’re always excited to read them. The book of poetry by blind people was really interesting. Sometimes we’ll get an email with a list of eBooks we can choose from. We’d love to review them all and while we read most of them, there’s simply not enough time to sit down and write a thoughtful, helpful review of each one.
If you have some time or inspiration to review a book, let us know. We’ll send you a link to some online books that Philistine Press recently released to download. If your review comes back well written, informed and interesting then we’ll be happy to put you on the list to receive the physical books we receive in the mail. The last thing we want to do is spend the time and $ mailing out books to people who either don’t review the book at all or are simply not cut out for the task. We’d love any help in this area to help H and H grow the material it offers to readers.

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  1. I’d be happy to do book reviews. I have a few other projects right now that need attention, and I’ll be on the road for most of July, but if you send me the link I’ll take a look at the options, let you know which one I want to review, and likely complete it by mid to late August.

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