Sci-fi as a common theme

Sci-fi as a common theme
by kelly fondale
Remember when you invited me out for coffee on Thursday?
To pass the time, before a meeting, after a class
I ordered a cappuccino, at a place I’d never been
You talked about space hookers, and their possible feminism
Did you really think it wasn’t awkward
To invite me to your apartment?
When I was eleven I knew a boy
Told him I wrote stories, he did too
I kicked his ass with a plastic light saber
He taught me how to do a flip off a wall
At thirteen, avoiding some guy in gym class
I just wanted to talk
About guys in giant robot suits that saved the world
But apparently no girl would be interested in that stuff
Without reason
It would have been better to keep quiet
Fifteen through nineteen, I am off the market
He and I became acquainted
Through speculations of time travel and clones
This time he was the one who didn’t catch on
maybe that was the start of attraction
You see, I don’t remember what a date looks like
If I ever really knew
You took me by suprise
Didn’t think I was flirting
Even if I agreed space hookers could be
Proud independent women
I don’t believe you have a girlfriend
You seem like one of those guys
Who is easily mistaken for something he really is

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  1. Ah wow! Coincidentally i’ve been pondering science-fiction poetry this week! I appreciated the straightforwardness of this poem–it truly did exhibit ‘Sci-fi as a common theme’ against the backdrop of relationships with boys. It also explores some of the isolation and lonliness that can go along with eccentricity or just being plain different. Being true to self has its sacrifices and downside–but sticking in there adds character and surely pays off in the end.
    The poem was humorous and yet thought-provoking. Fun read!

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