by josiah redtalon
Butterflied fingers drip seduction
on the peasant’s dream
as thunder caresses the faint heartbeat
in an air of utter silence
Cool mist darkness
arrives like a weary drunk
only to vomit the existence of the night
the ponies sip cat urine wine
as maids mop the filth of my mind
into a realm of epic fatique
only to see the light of one
in the distant
diamonds appear in shapes of snowflakes and mustard seeds
half breed hyenas howl in an attempt to lure the coils of snakes from their den
bums lay with their maker
in position to overthrow their deeds
split is the eye with two lids a
and no veil

0 thoughts on “cansas!

  1. Misspelling Kansas in title good move here. Poem very dreamlike–i can almost see this in my mind like a Salvadore Dali painting. There’s a mix of Romanic with Goth/Graveyard School that resounds an eerie cacophony that is cool to read. When i was beginning college i used to like writing in this sort of vein: “Butterflied fingers drip seduction”; “Cool mist darkness”–in touch with the elements i.e. wind, snowflakes, etc. It’s fun stuff to think about and write about.
    Later on, i found my voice in a different idiom that was starkly Modern using colloquialisms against the backdrop of the human condition in a Technologically Industrial Age. ahahaha! [evil laugh].
    In any case, enough about various modes of expression–i can tell poet gave this piece a lot of thought and was able to put good craft into it. Well done!

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