my way west

my way west
by misti rainwater-lites
What today, fuckface? Bran? Brain spasms? Breeze all salty, fragrant as douche?
I’ve got grapefruits hanging from my fallopian tubes and psychotic angelic hosts
duking it out over cream cheese brownies in my soul’s dithering neon kitchen.
I am in no mood for mediocre metal ballads and silver lining semantics.
Acuna crooks its bony finger at me with a snarl and a snail of a smile.
“Come chill, cowgirl buena! With salty cerveza and pastel sundreams!”
This is the seductive croak all unforgettable froggy in my ear.
Go, if ya wanna, to the super monster truck mart and brave the bovine crowd.
I’m about to carpe diem
my way west.

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