by dan raphael
May you be aware of many problems with serious effects on you personally
as well as the world around you, and have no ability to effect any of them.
May your lawful protests be met with police violence, racial profiling and future random harassment. .
May you move to Louisiana, California, Gaza, Burma, Afghanistan, Beijing.
May you be allergic to something new each year. May something unwanted & toxic grow in or on you.
May there be frequent, unexplainable dizziness, nausea, spasms and/or pain.
May your healthcare be denied, forcing you into bankruptcy & homelessness.
May you live til youre 90, in declining health and income, with fewer social services and
functional infrastructures, worse environmental conditions, and increasing neighborhood violence.
May you continue to be kind to your fellow humans and be rewarded with heartbreak, physical damage
and the loss of all you love.
May you no longer remember when things were better, and be certain they’ll only get worse.
Note: Dan has a new book of poetry via Wordcraft of Oregon. You can find it here.

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