I hated the cult of your personality

I hated the cult of your personality
by xin liu
dawn came
and you ate the sun
while I watched you
commit infanticide
between the banners
of patriotism
and the statue of
after the moon deserted me
I clung to yesteryear
and the false bravado of
march march
it was a long walk
winter was soft
and one hundred flowers
petals flooded the yellow river
but then it rained
and the monsoon
flooded my favorite orchard
you told me
you were weeding
you covered
the communist sky
with those ugly furnaces
and I choked on ash
because sparrows died
cicadas replaced the national anthem
the orient became red
and you learned your principles
from the funerals of
forty million
mercy I begged
and my poor mother knelt
on the barren land
praying to die
chaos burned
one thousand religious shrines
and brave monks in tibet
cried for redemption
when the blue kite
flew over the first of may
you were finally
I was too numbed
to understand change

0 thoughts on “I hated the cult of your personality

  1. Change change change… will our human condition ever be better as a result of it? The answer is in the poem. Can man ever put his faith in one another and develop hope from our good works? Even if the answer is yes look at all we’ve sacraficed to get there–was it worth it? The answer to that is also in the poem.
    Poem was written by person who understands worldly dynamics and the futility of trusting in worldly creation. How can we live then? Do the best we can and look forward to eventual peace when we leave this place. nice piece!

  2. change is what happens when someone wants to exert authority over someone else.
    it is a euphamism for people who think they deserve special treatment to use so that they may get it.
    this is hilarious; I sound like a conservative.
    change is the only constant. that there was none is driven home.
    this ending makes the point that there was some?
    or is it a warning to others to learn history or repeat it?

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