by ryan ritchie
there’s nothing wrong
in theory
with the anne rices of the world.
or the stephen kings,
dan browns and
michael crichtons.
but anyone who prefers books from the
worst-seller list
knows there’s a vibe –
a certain infectious communicable virus –
attached to these writers that screams
“shit sandwich.”
and yeah,
these authors own mansions all over the world.
they don’t have to give readings to peddle three books
and if they do they charge forty bucks a head and sell out
three-thousand seat venues.
these writers might sell lots of books,
but these writers also completely dominate
the tiny, dusty, unbrowsed fiction section
at every thrift store in america.
as a thirty-year-old bum with less than three thousand dollars
in my bank account writing
a novel still in the draft phase,
I get an unreasonably large amount of
pleasure out of that.

0 thoughts on “JEALOUS JUSTICE

  1. I refer to these as “airport authors” as once I see an author’s book there it seems they’ve really “made it”. Though “made it” in this situation is questionable in definition.
    Good luck on the novel.

  2. Limited writers for limited minded consumers. So what if they like their shit sandwiches with American cheese? Sounds like a match made in heaven to me….

  3. Pretty decent poem by the way except for one thing: how can a guy be a bum and have 3 thousand in the bank? It makes you sound whiney, self-important, and worse of all — out of touch.

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