Debating Bricks

Debating Bricks
by richie cameron
the veins are
a filthy sewer
junk infested by design
and neglect
and victims
forced labour
prohibited from learning
a needle is no shame
with the doors open
clucking and posturing
forever nowhere in debating bricks
the sensible just
a baby insane with crying

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  1. I’m not too up on drug slang so i got this from the Urban Dictionary (yeah, i know):
    1. Bricks 298 up, 106 down
    buy bricks mugs, tshirts and magnetsa pound of the bess shit on the earth *weed*
    yo i got a brick, MAN!
    2. bricks 136 up, 14 down
    buy bricks mugs, tshirts and magnetsall white bricks mean dope. off white bricks is heroin
    aye bruh who u kno sell dem bricks?
    bricks white off white dope heroin
    by bay~be
    3. bricks 81 up, 24 down
    buy bricks mugs, tshirts and magnetsdrugs, dope, usaully in large amounts in a ” brick ” shape
    900 to a grand get you 28 grams if you talkin bout bricks i’m the interstate man- lil wayne, weezy ambitions
    Poem is very graphic in describing addiction–especially at end in comparing the helplessly driven junkee to a guileless infant: “a baby insane with crying”.
    The other line that really caught my attention was: “forced labour
    prohibited from learning”. Shooting up becomes so natural that in some ways it is not ‘debated’, it is just another rote prerequisite for survival. Though i’ve never done drugs, i can get a smidgeon of an inkling here about the pain involved becoming dependent on them–and feel this poem is true. How can that be? hmm. Excellent perspective here. thx!

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