A Richard Brautigan poem.

Gee, You’re So Beautiful Its Starting To Rain recited by Brautigan himself. Someone made this video for the reading. Pretty interesting.

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  1. I had to replay this video about 12 times before i stopped watching the girl on the swing and began listening/appreciating the poem. Yeah, i’m a perv–i kept wanting her to turn around. mmm. topless and geek glasses–must be a fetish of mine!
    ok. uh, yeah, pretty cool poem! I think there should be report cards like the one described here by Mr.Brautigan–it’s sorta an unwritten unspoken ‘gauge’ these observations of life he has listed–that we may or may not actively seek out and participate in–but it’s like a LIFE 101! Especially girls. He’s got the male perspective here but i’m sure women think of it similarly–we have something, a hormonal spark, that drives us to jump into that biological pool and seek out some existential checklist crossing off items and filling ourselves with life.
    The poet’s recitation was decently audible though if there’s a video involved i like subtitles going along with the spoken so i can read it at same time and it would have helped my to quit focusing so much on that girl’s ass. Recitation was quicker than i would had expected, also…that’s not a bad thing–just surprised me. Most poets will slow it down especially for shorter poems–so nice change of pace.

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