Pen Poem

pen poem
by gene defcon
I cover my hands with disgusting pens
It feels good to clinch and unclinch
Beneath this mountain
Every movement sends dirty pens
Cascading down and the mountain grows wider
To place more pens on the top
I must use my mouth
Most of the pens are covered in a crust
And if not I can usually recall
From what foul orifice I retrieved them
These thoughts do not bother me
I am in a Zen state
California of the mind

0 thoughts on “Pen Poem

  1. Savvy penmanship! Incredible how often the drunken state of mind leads one to the “zen state California of the mind”–been there many a time and had my passport revoked by Japanese monks on Suzuki motorcycles (Zen and the art of ….?)
    I’m not reading too much into this as far as there being a symbology or metaphor (like: ‘oh, he’s ‘funneling’ beer at a party and the funnel is the mountain.) lol. It’s just one of those ‘feelings’ unto themselves that might not make sense in our mundane ‘facts-only’ business world but it makes perfect mojo in our ‘artistic spiritual world’ dammit!
    Great flow dude. I’m inspired to spend time with my markers now. really, at my old age i still draw with markers. lol.
    Mountain=zen. i love the cascading down the mountain image and the comfortableness of ‘dirtiness’ brought to zen mindfulness. Good one!

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