by rex cox
Concede the possibility
That the universe is me-
The universe is you:
But of course, it isn’t-
So that’s not true.
You’re part of it,
I’m part of it-
And it’s not irrelevant
That a duck won’t jump
Like a kangaroo…
Mysticism to resonate.
And 8-track tape player,
As well as stereo turntable logic:
Even a vinyl record revelation
That John was the walrus-
But upon listening to “Glass Onion,”
You’re insisting that Paul was a walrus too?
Well, as to your rational faculties-
I am in of grave doubt.
But as the needle
Goes down in to the groove…
Yeah, it’s “Twist and Shout.”
Because baby, I say-
It doesn’t really
Have to matter
How old a song is:
It’s whether or not it can make you move…
And girl,
I can see that it does-
And you do.

0 thoughts on “concede

  1. “i am you and you are me and we are all together.” i loved the rhyme and the beatles references. Dainty and powerful like a mornin’ breakfast burrito with hot sauce–silly yet serious coexisting!
    Poems with ‘universe’ in them automatically get my attention and arouse my interest–just looking at things holistically, perhaps, is something i’m attracted to.
    It doesn’t really
    Have to matter
    How old a song is:
    “It’s whether or not it can make you move…And girl,I can see that it does-And you do.” Fine clencher at end!
    Good read man!

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