torch bearers

Torch Bearers
by John Bennett
I’ve made four lists.
The first contains the names of people who if they try to get up and make a speech at my wake (and it’s going to be one hell of a three-day blowout, plans are in the making), stone the fuckers, throw them out the door, how the hell did they get in in the first place?
The second contains the names of people who mean well but are bewildered and maudlin. Let them speak, but encourage them to make it brief.
The third list is made up of people I have loved passionately and who have loved me the same. They may say and do whatever they please, even those who denounce me and then break down and weep.
The fourth list consists of people who have a deep affinity for and a deep understanding of my writing. Needless to say I love them passionately too, even those I’ve never set eyes on. Demand complete silence if any of them should choose to speak, although most of them won’t and the best of them won’t even show up.
No matter how or where you scatter my ashes, it’s in their dreams that the gray dust will settle.

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  1. My dad’s ‘funeral’ wishes are to be cremated and for there to be a ‘wake’. I find this piece highly useful. –Humorous and serenly plainspoken. –Very insightful, show’s us the various asundries of ‘friends’/people in one’s life and gives us a glimpse into character.
    The ‘lipstick traces’ of our lives will make impacts on those who are meant to, those who really deep down in the recesses of hollowed out love retain an ember with your name on it–or maybe they have a freakin’ bond-fire there…but it’s gotta be authentic.
    1st list people: ‘stone the fuckers’–lmao! 2nd list: bewildered–i think that’s where i’ll be not having pieced together the whole ‘why we’re here/life/death/meaning of the universe thing’. Maybe i should take that cue and make my comment short. lol. thanks for sharing this!

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