Black Magic Broke

Black Magic Broke
by bill hughes
Some catacomb outside in a dry gray freeze
Is creeping so cold on stonefaced winds
Time has run itself white
Cigarettes are ringing off the wires
I can’t find my suitcase, it’s lost in a fancy marble barn
There’s a reptile walking around here somewhere
He’s stomping his foot on the floor, losing all his blood
He’s shaking a constitution in his hand
A Queen of Spades is looking straight through my face
I’m looking at a one way street sign covered in skeletons

0 thoughts on “Black Magic Broke

  1. this poem reminds me of soul coughing’s former frontman mike doughty’s explanation of his song “is chicago, is not chicago.” one time he was tripping in chicago, and it occured to him that everything outside of his body was chicago. and everything within him was, therefore, not chicago. in other words, i enjoyed the poem, esp the bit about cigarettes ringing off the wires.

  2. My world of poetry has been rocked! Bill Hughes has taken center stage with his fountain pen-shaped electric guitar and unleashed a face melting poetry solo.
    I’m not worthy! I’m not worthy!

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