The Exploding Chair

The Exploding Chair
by Ryan Quinn Flanagan
The dinner guests had
nothing bad to say
about the food
and drink
and congenial conversation
of an ever gracious host,
but the exploding chair
in the corner
was a little unsettling.
One woman screamed,
another choked on a broccoli
most everyone else sat in uneasy silence
wondering if the exploding chair
in the corner
and the chair they now sat upon
had come as a
Don’t worry, it always does that,
said the gracious host
with a casual raise of the glass,
I will rebuild it again tomorrow
good as new
and set it out in the garage
where it can explode all it
wants to
in the company
of my imploding

0 thoughts on “The Exploding Chair

  1. hmm. wacky! Something out of the ordinary and so powerful having the ability to stop people in their tracks and shake them loose from the conventionality of their pleasantly hum-drum life–i like it.
    Fear reminds us we are alive and forces us to see life in a new light albeit for only a short time usually–but sometimes just the tinyest seed of inception can plant an idea that grows into something life-changing! Yeah, i ripped that off from Di Caprio.
    This hostess sounds like my kinda Madame De Stael! Sign me up for the next party! Nice work.

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