decisions decisions

by ryan ritchie
I thought about walking to the liquor store
to buy a beer. and not just any beer.
one a them good tasting ones,
the kind that cost more than two dollars.
but the longer I debated, the less I walked.
and eventually I settled on lemon flavored
soy yogurt.
such is my life these days.

0 thoughts on “decisions decisions

  1. Simple, to-the-point, and yet it resonates a universal theme in our human condition: Why bother? Motivation is such a hard thing to have some days. Life in the ‘Modern Era’ can be an overwhelming behemoth creating nervous wrecks out of each and every one of us. A simple thing like walking to the store for a beer requires a metabolic enlightenment with divine intervention and acts of Congress to initiate–or so it would seem. lol. I hear you pain brother, or your apathy. thx.

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