this is allen ginsberg

this is allen ginsberg
by thurston moore

this is allen ginsberg:
baby girl reaches for his face
his nose
tries to stick her thumb in his mouth
a curious and favorite past-time
children everywhere
do it
                                                                    the viscuous
and now:
heres one
with beard!
shes 3 yrs old
he sucks her thumb
into his mouth
and out
and in
here is a grown up
who's into it

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  1. ah, Allen Ginsberg–my favorite beat! We all owe him for breaking such honest ground so courageously–and marching to such different drum beats cause he was the drummer!
    He surely was a giving soul and i really get that intimation from Mr. Moore’s poem: “he sucks her thumb into his mouth and out and in
    here is a grown up who’s into it unreal”. The immature ‘Jr. High fiend’ in us will read something naughty in this but a deeper understanding of the free-flowing ‘give and take’ love that was Ginsberg’s nature overcomes the shameful simpleton and brings to light, or focus, our interconnectedness…the old, the youthful–our obligations (or more aptly perceived–‘our privaledges’)towards one another…all natural to life.
    Ginsberg himself received much benevolence from other artists. including W.C. Williams who knew his father and Bob Dylan who bought him a portable tape recorder where he could spontaneously ‘lay down’ stream of consciousness poetry.
    Ginsberg took ownership of the world in a loving way and that was returned by so many. He was also an avid photographer capturing many beautiful moments with fellow Beats and travellers in life’s journey. Awesome poetry!
    This is my favorite book on Ginsberg written in long poem form: “Poetry and Life Allen Ginsberg: A Narrative Poem”

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