hometown has been shutdown

hometown has been shutdown (or, rambling through a post-apocalyptic convenience store)
by DIY Danna
i’ve lived 6 months in this town
i’m half-baked right now
putting back items on the shelf
i don’t want or need – like 2 for 1 sunflower seeds
and that package of moist Betty Crocker brownies.
the invisible contract gave me more
time and money to spend in the purple zone
the land of soymilk and iPhonies.
(take a pic of my savage breast
you Hipstamatic closet racist!)
the anger boils in an unwatched pot
i forgot on the stove
in banal haste to not waste my time.
i walk with reusuable shopping bags
up and down the aisles of inconvenience.
not a care in the world,
the clerk in the backroom smokes.
a joint venture looms as he kisses his girlfriend
between cigarettes and plastic sheathed porno magazines
jerk offs don’t read to jerk off…
…to the beat of Blondie’s “Heart of Glass”
i walk out – shattering to think of time wasted
in a ghost town formerly sponsored by petrochemicals
and reruns of reality shows i never watched.
i lost your new phone number before the bomb.
for t.j.

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