by Josiah Redtalon
Doors opening and closing
Lost keys
Locked Windows broken
Reflections of light
in the shape of my face
Seeing through my hands in fright
Auras beneath and I float above
I see the clouds of conscious mountain
The lightning that it brings
Fear this bear tooth I hear
While the wind tongues my ears
As the sun sets
The dew arrives at my knees
And reaches through the moonlight
Caressing the lilies in the midst of
horrors that bewitch us
Darkness was back
Turning glass into misting moon beams
That sprayed heat from the sewers
To make love to the  crisp air of forgiveness
Is there forgiveness?
Corrupt the stone
As it’s hurled towards the pit
Where I lay
Corrupting the throw itself
Bending in weight
As it touches the last breath
Corrupt the ancients
As they laugh
Ta Ta Ta!

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  1. And if you\’re wondering, yes, that is a tattoo inspired by the H&H logo though mixed with a different collage from one of our print issues. Can anyone say, \”true fan\”?

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