{The} Joy [of] Division; Never speak to me again, We can never be friends again

{The} Joy [of] Division; Never speak to me again, We can never be friends again
by Quasimofo

{The} Joy [of] Division; Never speak to me again, We can never be friends again                          For My Dead Muse

“love will tear us apart”
….it was all that and everything so very much it bursts the veins sprouting god passion vomiting volcano of red red rosy life snapping the vertebrae twiglike calibrated to such weak vessels driftingly tossed open into cursed cursed love.

pre dis pose all sleppt thru it alll in t e n s e sense of sell ffff
dic t ate see(c) ures wasiswasnot nod thru it allll a wake en gulf 2 2 2 2 2 2 much to u ch…



“no love lost”
mind is what on fling-flung this lost this love this no bottled up released washed corks crowding fire theatre threads become bare unravel this fabric uni vers e .. the chorus the shaky finger swaddling bottle that never picked me up never cried and gave…

hissing hints of nuance was some seance catching drifts froze the cold shoulder where the furnace once was by gone dog gone dreary pebbles falling as light in winter skies cannot re assure res urr ect romantic rowboats with a wish and another and another and another and another and another and another and another … it ricochets off your kaleidoscope like a dead first flight bird.

“closer-the eternal”
i w a s t h e n i c e s t g u y t o e v e r b e c o m e a n a n t i c h r i s t g u r g l i n g n e e d i n e s s w h e r e h a v e y o u g o n e t o b e c k o n r i g a m o r t i s f o n d l e t h e s w e e t l i p p e d o r i f i c e o f o u r b a t t e r e d h e a r t s a n d s c r a p e t h e r e s i d u e o f a b a n d o n m e n t o n t o a c h a r r e d a n d t e a r y

c o r p s e . ? . ? . ? .

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    1. You’re surely correct. This was written straight from Facebook posts on videos of Joy Division songs. Sorta a wierd way to write and not at all how i usually write. Material was based on a situation my mind was grappling/suffering with but inspired/brought to words thru the music. A lot more v i s u a l poetry tricks here than i usually care to play with and the style is variant from how i usually express myself in. Most times i’ll take an idea and with much scrupulizing determine if the idiom/expression is too cliche’ and then take it 2-3 generations in evolution to make something as mindblowing and original as i can. Here i was content to leave the expression at its starting point to ensure sincerity to the actual thought and emotion since that took precedence and to maintain a truthfulness to the stream of consciousness and first thought. Thx for reading.

  1. new dawn fades
    posts banger rubble jangle stem of a hash weed-flowers
    ..in there around twists was your century 21 ol’ yeller
    haus down the street from so many beds and breakfasts
    i pass by a freshly mowed lawn with white jeep and
    black hummer in the drive. bricks put together with the
    cum of fairies and dream spittle…
    sugarpop tunes blast across our rooms bouncing like underwater.
    we grew outta each other … your ‘Z’ shutters are drilled into
    plaster that will never never give ..
    your backyard lights hold back a manicured sun
    my Mack brights run a gauntlet of dust and bugs
    guts splattering into the country air which bears
    the fragrance of all things that fade…

    1. dead souls
      ‘what kind of rock are you?’ she asked.
      ‘i keep a pocketful’, i replied.
      tougher than marble for beatings..
      slick as lime for skipping across lakes of fire..
      sandstone for when i wanna rub off on people at beer gardens.
      But you’re hard as ruby and it beats where your dumb blonde heart was..
      ..fashion a quarry to make walls for cemeteries and gravemarkers..
      ..turn a blind eye to life and you’re sure to find peace like the dead souls who garble into dirt.

      1. isolation
        The numb er one prayer was t o be left a lone
        so that is what he did
        toss ing horse shoes in to skeeball slots
        buffing the specs outside the win dow
        real I zing it ‘ s in
        there ‘ s a hum that goes along to a thrashing tune
        fit in g the tie to that one sock pup pet
        hop ping to the notes that wail across from
        1ne a not her.

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oEFcxA-dV5w
    humus manly cockatiel
    (Nymphicus hollandicus)
    [not nymphos from holland]
    frenemies send post cards
    from warsaw…
    city limitations
    pop %
    looking for the mines
    get ouija this trial terror
    trees for the forest whitaker
    the pollen count’s so high
    drug dealers are converting
    meth back into sudafed.

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