candle light and wine

by mike berger
Candlelight shone on her smooth skin
What enhancing the mystery that lay behind
her big brown eyes. A wry smile spoke louder
than any words. It said, “I would love some
pillow talk.”
I poured another glass of wine; she swished it
in her glass and sipped. Her long brown hair
sparkled in the candlelight. The soft white flesh
of her neck seem to be longing for a kiss.
She was a temptress if ever there was.
Unblemished smooth skin highlighted her
soft dimples. Her eyes had a come hither
look I could feel the passion welling inside.
She stopped then fumbled mechanically
through her purse. She pulled her Blackberry
out. Her fingers flashed on the keys. She
flashed a huge grin and pump her arm. She
said, “Boston is leading the Yanks three to

0 thoughts on “candle light and wine

  1. Ah man, i did not see that ending coming. Tough break. I think we ‘write’ or ‘see’ what we want to or need to believe when we’re with people and seeking companionship. mmm. i so feel this pain. It’s like when you have this gaping chasm of empty lonliness to be filled and someone just utterly squashes it–“Boston is leading the Yanks three to one.” It just goes to show how rare and beautiful it actually is to find someone who’s feeling the same way and you can ‘share with’…fulfill one another. But yes, reality does not always meet our expectations. Heartwrenching piece!

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