How to…

We’re going to do a series of poems and short stories that begin with the sentence, “How to…”. We’ve seen these types of poems before and thought it’d be interesting to read what you come up with. The subject should include what you are about to explain to the reader. For instance the subject would read, “How to Catch a Bird with a Sombero”. We’re not looking for literal explanations on how to make a sandwich or change a tire, but instead we’re hoping your imagination and creativity will flourish and entertain us with your odd and unique observations. We’ll begin posting these once we receive enough entries and we’re guessing that’ll be sometime in October. So you have plenty of time.
Use the SUBMIT WRITING page and be sure to label the entry with the title or at the very least, “How to…” so we can keep track of them.
Have fun with it. We look forward to reading  your entries.
-Editor, H and H

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