gnome brains

gnome brains
by oswald james
smoking gnome brains with the gnomes of zurich
i’m a suffering mop
sitting on a sinking houseboat
sheeplike in my shrinking
dip my hands in cool water and
sip the humidity
cuz these parachute pants got their own zip code
and i’m a passed out leaflet  passed out
bearing a striking resemblance to the other side
with blue moon pasties on my beauty marks
feeling frizzed since the panhandle
tweeked and skitzed out
in my adobe
i’m a sleeper
watch out
i’m a slipper and a spider
a reptilian planet
aligned with nowhere
a baby bird buried to a snake
a lunar hag
a face with no head
only curtains
floating thru the dustbowl
flapping from pole to pole
with a twisted hokey poke
and puppet wings
woke up in a dead garden
on my lotus drinking cactus ass
cuz i couldn’t breathe anymore

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  1. Mmm. Such a trip! It’s a privaledge to read material from H & H’s co-founder! I literally said ‘humph’ with my eyes/brows in a blown-away kinda way on reading some of the word-combos and ideas expressed here and marvelling at the flow and the twists/turns on this zine-style catechism replete with Castaneda/Kerouacian poetically philosophic ragamuffin thill-ride! There, i done sucking up with my humbly exotic worshipping. Loved it man! How’d you know i find houseboats so intriguing? lol.
    This poem should go in the print issue whenever it comes out!

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