Review of Trash by Alice Cooper

I knew about and liked Alice Cooper for a long time before I found the album Thrash. When something is really fun, I remember everything about it. That’s the way my memory works. I bought Thrash in 2005, in Norway. As much as I enjoy all of Alice’s songs, this album was made for me- with its perfect guitar riffs and solos and the fun lyrics, with the right cool vocals to match. You can dance to this album and if you can catch up with the songs, I guarantee you’ll be down at least a couple of pounds down once the tracks finish playing. Since I love each and every one of the songs, I described evewry one of them seperately and included a part of the lyrics. Enjoy!
1) Poison: Any rock fan has to know the song Poison surely? It is how us late rock boomers ( meaning those who were born in the late 80s and had to discover rock on their own. Thanks to VH1 and later the internet) Cooper. Great Karaoke song and a great way to see how long that breath of yours can last.
“One look could kill
My pain, your thrill
I want to love you, but I better not touch (Don’t touch)
I want to hold you but my senses tell me to stop
I want to kiss you but I want it too much (Too much)
I want to taste you but your lips are venomous poison
You’re poison runnin’thru my veins
You’re poison, I don’t want to break these chains”
2) Spark in the Dark: This is just sexy, saucy, naughty and just fun.
“Come around midnight
We’ll be crawlin’on the floor
Burnin’with the fever
And yellin’out for more
But don’t you write it in your diary, baby
Don’t blab it on the phone
Cuz if your mom and dad find out
They’ll skin me to the bone
Now we don’t need instructions, baby
Don’t you be afraid
It takes a little friction
That’s how our love is made
From a little spark in the dark”
3) House of Fire: passion, passion and more passion. Hell, yeah!
“House of fire
House of fire, yeah
Let’s build a house of fire, baby
Not one of wood or stone
Walk thru my door of desire, baby
Come on in and make it your home
Don’t need a window to watch you, baby
Don’t need no roof overhead
Don’t need no key to unlock ya, baby
I’ll use my lovin’instead
I won’t tire
Take me higher
Building a house of fire, baby
Buildin’it with our love
We are buildin’a house of fire every time we touch
House of fire”
4) Why Trust You: mistrust, spite and anger. They have never been more entertaining. Boy, Alice Cooper rocks. More than ever.
“You come to me all teary-eyed
With your big tall tale way up to the sky
Begging on your knees for another chance
But everybody knows that’s a song and a dance
There used to be a time when you were the best
You had the fastest tongue in the west
Ya gave a look and a line like nobody else
You’d try to sell the Bible to the devil, Himself
You sadistic little liar
You’re walking on the wire you’re bluffin’up with nothin’
And the bills are gettin’higher
Why trust you”
5) Only My Hart Talkin’: Funny how our groupie-loving bad boys can go romantic better than other genre singers. Screw pop. I mean really. Why would you need a supposedly tear-jerking song when Alice can sing you an electric ballad? Slow in the right places. And faster in all the right ones too.
“Anybody’s dream can fall apart
Anybody’s mask can break
Couldn’t tell you how I wanted you
Enough to make you want to stay
I never said the words out loud
I guess I couldn’t get’em straight
Baby, give me one more chance
Before you walk away
It’s only, only, only my heart talkin’ “
6) Bed of Nails: And romance is over and passion,lust and mischief are back. “No one else gets that deep inside you, As I do, baby”. I am just quoting. Love this song.
“Yeah, we’re gonna fight
We do it every night
Baby, when you scratch
You know I’m gonna bite
You can make me die
I can make you cry
Opposites attract
That’s the reason why
No one else could make you feel
Like I do, I do, I do
No one else gets that deep inside you
As I do, baby
Our love is a bed of nails
Love hurts good on a bed of nails
I’ll lay you down and when all else fails
I’ll drive you like hammer on the bed of nails”
7) This Maniac’s In Love With You: I am totally in love with this album. I adore every single track in it. But I just adore some songs more than the other. This is one of them. Perfect for dancing your butt off to and so cute too. It is so much better when a guy knows what an s.o.b. he is. I am just kidding. But if he is calling himself a maniac, he probably is.
“I used to be so in control
But reality is losing its hold
Now I don’t know where to begin
Just look at the state that I’m in
My mind is in total decay
I’m coming to take you away
There’s nothing more that I can do
This maniac’s in love with you
Your biggest fear has just come true
This maniac’s in love with you
This maniac’s in love with you”
8 ) Thrash: And the cute guy is again replaced by the dirty-chick loving regular Joe. Thrash is the girl that all guys fantasize about. I wouldn’t get all thrash for Cooper but for some specific rockers, I just might. Below is the audio track.
” It ain’t the way you crawl across the Cathouse floor
It ain’t the way you curse me when you slam the bedroom door
It ain’t the way you sweat me for a handful of easy cash
It’s just the way you love me when you turn to trash
It’s not the way you dress when you socialize, oh those eyes
It ain’t the diamond rock or that Rolls you drive
You can walk the streets with all your uptown flash
But when you hit the sheets you just turn trash
You’re such trash”
9) Hell Is Living Without You: It was time we got romantic once again. One of my favorite slowish rock songs. Well, it is slower than the other songs…right until Alice feels the need to express himself more loudly and passionately. Just terrific. Who gives a crap about Always (Bon Jovi- I love that band-my favorite band actually- but Always is The most overrated Bon Jovi song ever) when there is this song?
“Hell is living without your love
Ain’t nothing without your
Touch me
Heaven would be like hell
Is living without you
Nights get longer and colder
I’m down begging to hold ya
On my own and I feel like hell”
10) I am your gun: And the naughty rocker is back. Another hard-rock song to boogie to. Love this song. Yeah, if any of you is a teenager, don’t listen to this song while your parents are around.
“And if you see me on the street
And you’re burnin’from the heat
There’s a fire down below
You be the target on the bed
I’ll be shooting hot lead
Let me take control
You’re scared little girl in this big, bad town
So easy to sink, so easy to drown
Pull my trigger, I get bigger
Then I’m lots of fun
I’m your gun
I’m your gun, gun, gun
Bite my bullet
Push and pull it
Tell me I’m the one
I’m your gun
I’m your gun, gun, gun”
10 /10. As perfect as glam+hard rock get. If you are a fan of great electric riffs and an ultra-energizing 10-song-album with only 2 songs that barely give you a time to rest, this album is THE ONE. Long live Alice Cooper!
by Zoey Clark

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