Men Like Giants

Men Like Giants
by Maggie Wack
This is the monkey’s touch:
you clutch
with sweaty palms, dexterous fingertips,
you say –
let’s dissect.
You are an aggregate
of the obscene
and the profound.
You say, we did not invent this but it is ours: love, hunger,
You say, where does the soul start? It is like an avalanche,
it accumulates in fragments,
it learns itself
with a disfigured grace.
You say
you have come
to conquer or save me
with all of your fine words
but you cannot – everything
has been done already.
You were born too late by centuries,
they have all come before you
these early men like giants
and stolen your purported
fames –
there is nothing left
for you
to say.

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  1. These empires of meaning are free for the taking. As Alexander said, “whoever is strongest” and Jesus foretold, “the meek shall inherit”, the future of truth’s beauty lay in the hands of powerfully humble people. Thank you for staking your claim.
    I am stealing this for myself. Nice work.

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