By Iris Orpi
Every time I get seized
by the urge
to do
something reckless
I have the sense to
wait a while
before doing it
and sure enough
the foolishness of it
catches up with me
but triumphant
and we walk away
from it all
But not this time.
Every day that passes
I want it more and more.
I’m sure.
This is what I want.
I’m tired of being lonely
or scared.
I’m done settling
for lesser joys.
I’ve wasted enough time
to realize
the pain and fear
will not go away
if I don’t face them.
It’s you.
It has to be you
and I will not wait.
They tell me
it’s not worth it
but they are not
as nearly blinded
by the jagged edges of reason
I’ve been staring at
since the last time
you orphaned my hands
of their spark.
They tell me
not to risk it
but they’re not the one
who goes to bed each night,
From this storm
raging around my soul
I will break everything
that cannot survive
this irreversible sacrifice
put my faith to a test
such as it has never known before
and catapult myself
into a truth
that will transcend
the half realities
that were my world
before you
walked into my heart
and occupied
the black
between the stars.

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