The Physics of Relationships

The Physics of Relationships
by Clarissa Olivarez
We are given a short time to learn.
We move in search of other particles with which we can cluster – seeking alternatives to the cold expanse of space.
It is nearness we desire. There are lovers if we’re lucky. A warmth we can come home to. Acquaintances that disperse and almost always fade. Those we love in secret.
We spiral in circles hoping the winds will push us in the direction we need to go. We are cerebral bodies in isolation and we are given our chances and our distance.
There is loneliness even in galaxies.

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  1. Yeah, reminds me of “Space Loneliness,” a song by Sun Ra. It’s on the LP “Interstellar Low Ways” (El Saturn LP 203). It’s his piano music that was recorded in Chicago in 1960. There’s some space gong on the record that really detonates.

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