A week of "How to…" poems

A month or so ago we put out a call for entries to collect your “How to…” poems about any subject you could think of. The guidelines were simple in that you write a poem on how to do something, anything that used your imagination and creativity. We’ve chosen 7 of the best entries and will post them from Monday until Sunday. Some very interesting topics are addressed and we thank everyone who participated. If you don’t see your poem posted this week then we probably didn’t choose to use it, but we thank you for submitting your work. Of course, there’s always the possibility of us using it later in our life if the topic suddenly becomes relevant. Let the author know you what think about their particular poem by leaving a comment as they crafted it especially for you, for this week, at our request.
Have an idea for a week of poetry? An assignment or topic you’d like explored by the H and H community? Send it to us and we’ll see what happens.
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  1. Reading an article on Christine O’Donnell and the demonstration of her complete ignorance of the US Constitution… how about this: Have people make up constitutional ammendments that can be in prosaic or poetic form.

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