How to Build a Diffraction Spectrometer

How to Build a Diffraction Spectrometer
by Laura McLaughlin
The most important thing is to devise an encyclopedia of symbols and their corresponding personal meanings.  Assemble archetypes.  Tap into the linked up circuitry of consciousness within a room/without a room.  Set up mirrors at appropriate angles.  Keep a set of variable filters at arm’s length to interchange as necessary:   through dim light, twinkling flame, charcoal screens…thicker linens work best…black and white checkerboard, careful compartments.., through fog, through filmy transparencies that leave no visible alteration but tingle nonetheless, via a sixth sensing of the almost inaudible tipping of a scale held by an archangel or dog; also one must practice flicking off the thought switch and merely transcribing a flow tapped into such as syrup from maple or oak or birch…the toning exercise of sitting in a corner and leaving your mouth hanging open, tongue stuck in place, you wait and watch which words fall upwards and spew from a sour stomach…write furiously as though survival depended upon it, like tumbling into dirt with predator… but remember that hands should remain folded at all times, don’t stop especially when heavy-lidded and rocking for comfort and slicing your way through the cold…
When constructed properly, lasers should shoot into a hard template like teeth, glass should shatter and grates should remember, keys should forget, guns should be toys and also proofreader pens, floors and walls should quiver like trees, creatures prick their ears up at the unexpected counterpoint.

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  1. This is awesome Laura. I would build one of these but I’ve been spending the better part of two decades searching for a laser maker that also functions as a shimmy shaker. This made me crack up, “Archetypes? Or horse heads.” Well done though.

  2. Laura, all I can say is that I’m so, so proud of you and gleeful that you are family.
    Ray (I know Michelle is going to love it too)
    By the way, can youfugure out away to transport me to your Mom’s for Thanksgiving dinner, airfare is thru the roof

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