it should be acceptable

it should be acceptable
by meghan tennison
it should be acceptable to hand affection to everyone. i enjoy
cleansing my friends with massages while conversing.
why be particular and money-fearing?
to never taste debt
erase necessary evils?
all day i couldn’t hear what they were saying, only my own thoughts.
both parties would struggle-squeezing tangible notes and then react.
very strange,
these reactions we carry like
stones in our pockets.
this trance sucks.
are you trying to think about everything at once?
or can you only
concentrate on one thing?
head hurts, so i lie cold,
nerves missing,
thoughts robbing energy.
nothing numbs my heart more
than seeing myself in someone else.
i’m okay with it. you’re alive and not in my way; i
respect your existence.
nothing is wrong.
sunday, hospital
stimulant psychosis.
will your life fall apart?
is this your final chance to create a happy ending?
deleting waiting lines of expectations
where is the willpower?
i need to rent several pairs of eyes,
discover miracles.
nurture that future self
take care of the present in preparation for re-birth,
so you can pop out and exclaim,
“oh, how beautiful and friendly! god bless you all!”
or else
wide-screen static domination.
today the number 777
was in three different places:
wrinkles, clouds, walls.
don’t you see? god is always watching, like santa clause.
i don’t see, no. god is imaginary.
but you are god and this is important!
how so?
because i pretend that it is.

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