a day like any other

A Day Like Any Other
by John Bennett
the time
I hit
my stride the
wind picks up
the mosquitoes
come out
& the
sky begins
raining hail
stones the
size of
A day like
any other.

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  1. At first the incidents described in poem struck me as odd and that they didn’t go together–mosquitoes and hail, but i’m sure there are places in the world where the two go hand in hand–or maybe it’s one of those bizarre observations that i’ve missed my entire life like: ‘oh yeah, mosquitoes always come out when it hails’. Or perhaps they come out right before it hails. Anyway, i’m interpreting too literally, you see. I think the poet is intending the language here to be figurative comparing some other incidents in his life with the uncanniness of hail and mosquitoes–it feels like it, right? Or i think the events described here could be both literal and figurative like: ‘oh yeah, that actually happened, and it’s so like my life.’
    In this piece, the last line is the title–‘a day like any other’.
    This adds another element to the poem–that the poet’s life is filled with out-of-the-ordinary goings-on. It’s a very apt way to describe the feeling. Well done!

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