Woman + 1st or 2nd book = Motherwell Prize?

The online submissions process for the Motherwell Prize (which you can enter thru November 30) is up and running and appears to be working smoothly. You can begin your process here.
Guidelines for the Motherwell Prize are as follows:
The poet must be a woman, writing in English.
The prize is $5,000 and publication of a first or second book of poems by Fence Books.
The manuscript must be between 48-80 pp.
The manuscript should be anonymously submitted, ie, please don’t include identifying information on the manuscript itself. All the identifying information is retained in the submission process. If you have already submitted a manuscript with identifying information on it, please email robfence@gmail.com and we’ll deal with it.
No acknowledgments, please.
There is a fee of $28, which entitles the entrant to a year’s subscription to Fence, to begin with the Spring 2011 issue.
All notifications will be made electronically.
Any questions? robfence@gmail.com is where to send them.

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