Review of The Lake House

The Lake House
“A Story of two people in love who haven’t even met.”
*Spoiler Alert. Reading this will ruin the movie for you.
The Lake House is a romantic drama film premiered on the 16th of June 2006. It was written by David Auburn, it starred by Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves, and directed by Alejandro Agresti. The film was the next movie which Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves starred together after Speed which was filmed on 1994.
It was about two person who lived in a beautiful lake house and writes each other but the thing is that they were on a different times. Dr. Kate Forster portrayed by Sandra Bullock was in 2006 while Alex Wyler an architect portrayed by Keanu Reeves was on 2004.
In 2006 Kate leaves the Lake House with her dog named Jack and moved to Chicago. She left a letter for the next owner of the lake house. She worked as a doctor on one of the hospital of Chicago and on Valentines day, Kate was out at Daley Plaza with her mother when they witness a traffic accident and she run to helped but unfortunately the man dies in her arms which she told to her lead doctor and advice her to take a moment and go to a place where she can find peace.
In 2004 Alex bought the beautiful Lake House without his girlfriend named Mona knowing but later she learned and talks to him on the construction site on which he was working. At night he returned to the lake house and finds a letter on his mailbox dated 2006 from Kate Forster. In her letter she apologizes for the paw prints at the front door whom she claimed that was there before she moved in but when Alex checked it he didn’t see any paw prints and so he was confused. Some days had pass and Alex paints the bridge’s handrails leading to the front door when a dog appears and walks through a tray of paint that causes to have a paw prints leading to the front door and so he replies to Kate and places the flag up on the mailbox. They continue sending letters with each other but still they’re not sure that it is really happening that two person can actually speak with each other through letters in different times. On one of the letter Kate told Alex that she left something on a train station if he can give it to him then she’ll believe that what was happening is true. Alex goes into the train station and saw a couple saying goodbye to each other and when the lady rides the train he found something on the chair just behind the place where the couple stands while saying goodbye and on where the things of the lady was left while waiting for the train. On the next letter Alex told Kate that he saw her and that she’s beautiful and Kate responses that she might be the one he saw as she has a bad hair on that year. They continue writing letter until they agree with each other that they will see each other at the II Mare in 2006. Kate waits there but Alex does not appear and so he told Alex that he didn’t appear that it wasn’t right to continue correspond with each other as they will not see each other as they were really in a different time and that it wasn’t possible. Alex’s dog runs away and then he later left the lake house and gives its key to a man he just met which girlfriend wants to lived in a Lake House. The man found a dog and gave it to his girlfriend who named it Jack and she moves in to the Lake House.
Year 2007 arrives and Kate rekindles her relationship with her former boyfriend Morgan. They talked a lot and reminisce and Morgan had mentioned that Kate had kissed a guy on her birthday in 2004 when Morgan surprise her of a party and invited some of their friends and a couple which he just met. And with that she realizes that he already saw Alex and he was the one who she kissed on her birthday in 2004.
On the year 2008, on Valentines Day, Kate and Morgan visits an architecture firm who happened to be co-owned by Henry, Alex’s brother. After their meeting and talking about business they were to left the firm but Kate notices a sketch of the lake house, she asks who did it and Henry answered that his brother sketched it and when she ask to speak with him, Henry sadly said that Alex died on Valentines Day two years ago and she ask Henry where and how does it happened, Henry said that it happened in an accident in a plaza hitting by a bus. And it reminds Kate what happened on 2006 when she’s in a plaza with her mother, an accident happened and a man died in her arms, sadly it was Alex Wyler. While realizing that, she run fast even Morgan running after her can’t catch up. She rushes to the Lake House on her car she write a letter and got out there and put it into the mailbox, on her letter she said to Alex not to come on Valentines Day on 2006 and don’t cross the street and meet her at the plaza but instead wait for another two years and they will meet on Valentines Day at the Lake house, she’ll wait there.
Weeping, behind the mailbox, on her knees down, she almost fail to notice that the flag of the mailbox turned down. She stands up, turned around and she saw a pickup truck where a man emerge. It was Alex, Kate just whispered, “You waited” and they kissed.
Love can wait even for years. Even at first, falling in love to someone you didn’t even know nor seen looks impossible, holding into it and just thinking of the love you have for each other will make it possible.

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