Playing Telephone With The Psychotics

Playing Telephone With The Psychotics
by Melanie Brown
Original Story:
This morning I went for a walk with my Pekingese . I started laughing when my dog lifted his leg on a fire hydrant,
and started trying to hump another little dog. I forgot to take my medication that morning, and so the trees were starting to look a little fuzzy. I tried to remember the name of the drug dealer that lives a couple of miles from me but I couldn’t. I called my boyfriend and asked him if we could eat Mexican food for lunch. At the restaurant the mariachi band played
Guantanamera and I took a tortilla and stuck it on my boyfriend’s head for a sombrero.
Final Player’s story:
I hacked that pekingese into a thousand little pieces and spread the pieces around in some red ant mounds. I spent days watching them eat that little dog’s nose. After A while, the dog started to disappear. I don’t eat food anymore. The capitalist pigs would love to have me stuff myself with petrochemicals covered in cheese. Music is the dog food of the masses.

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