Salad Days

Salad Days
by Pat A Physics
I freed up some time so that we could talk. This involved letting
a hot air balloon drift unhindered into the swirling, misty sky and
hitting my true love in the nose, so that it swelled to the size of
a ripe roma tomato. We went to our favorite spot and began to
talk about recently emerging plans to buy over-priced clothing
and see an adaptation of a romance novel to the silver screen.
I spilled my guts about my experience at the zoo. My hands were
shaking as I was about to sob, but instead we started to laugh.
We laughed so hard that we had to take a detour to the powder
room. Disoriented from the hardy laughter, we descended the
staircase amidst popping electric flashes. Freelance photogs
dashed this way and that, twisting their devices to capture our
tear soaked appearance. The exhilaration of being suddenly
pushed into the limelight led us to start kicking our legs into the
air, ordering expensive drinks, and to curse like sailors while
smirking into the winking lenses of the press. When it was over,
I bought a button down hat and boarded a train. I waved bye
in an enthusiastic way as if I were painting something in the air
with my hand. We had such a good time. No one can have as
much fun as we can. Only certain people who are really batshit.

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