"Writer" a top 10 most depressing job.

Artists, entertainers, writers

These jobs can bring irregular paychecks, uncertain hours, and isolation.
Creative people may also have higher rates of mood disorders; about 9% reported an episode of major depression in the previous year.
In men, it’s the job category most likely to be associated with an episode of major depression (nearly 7% in full-time workers).
“One thing I see a lot in entertainers and artists is bipolar illness,” says Legge. “There could be undiagnosed or untreated mood disorders in people who are artistic…. Depression is not uncommon to those who are drawn to work in the arts, and then the lifestyle contributes to it.” – Health Magazine

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  1. Ah yes… that makes sense. If one is trying to make a living on writing, or any other creative endeavor, I can see how one can experience a big-ass dose of anxiety if not a head full of depression and despair… I like working as a librarian, but the happiest I’ve ever been, I think, was when I was a bagboy.

  2. My greatest jobs have always been working with friends. Dirk and I once worked for a flower / shrub / tree company where we\’d show up at some Home Depot and unload huge cages of plants in the Texas summer all day. We were like mules. I also had the chance to work as a journalist, but that was immediately depressing as magazines always changed the pay, the story angle or simply out of business. Plus, I was always in my home office, behind a computer, by myself. It was depressing at an instant. I stopped almost instantly.

  3. I am a Graphic Design / Illustrator. I have worked for the same place for 17 years the pay is decent and from the out side it seems all good. People do not understand this job can drive someone crazy. For an example an accountant can complete a project and it is ether right or wrong. Everything I do is nitpicked even by the most uncreative people. Working with logical people is a nightmare. Most of the time I am forced to create the most stupid stuff, that could be so much better if I have freedom to do so. I will create a awesome design that I am made to change it to the point it is ugly. I feel like I am just spinning my wheels and going nowhere. Plus technical side of knowing all the software and what will and will not print is sometime overwhelming. One thing I hear all the time from people is “that look like so much fun.” that is far from the truth. It is stressful work that I never get credit for. Staring at a monitor all day is taxing as well. So yes I get depressed a lot most of the time I could not tell you why but I believe it is drought on by my job.

  4. Tom- I teach art to elementary kids and I praise designers daily so they get it early enough. I have 1300 students a year. At that rate, you should find appreciation for your work in increasing numbers in about twenty years. Can you hold on until then?

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