The Shortest Autobiography of our Time

The Shortest Autobiography of our Time
by Lauren Wantz
You’ll always see me around,
but i will only speak to you in tongues and only when prompted to.
The only sentence i know is this:
“Can I get another drink?”
I thought i understood tragedy
but that’s a stairwell you never want to fall down drunk.
you will break all of your bones
along with your idea of free will.
You will realize that you have no time.
No time to make yourself more than a translucent flesh bag hell bent on survival for survivals sake.
You will realize that all the outlaws now serve complacently in the empire of king suicide.
Return of the ever triumphant mongols!
Watch as the earth crawls into the fetal position around the moon,
sucking its thumb and begging to be released from its inhabitants.
everything eventually makes you want to stop talking.
too much of your time is going to be spent with people like me,
who are hung up on the death of their own excitement.
so sorry about that citizens, and
always remember to keep your brains on mute.
…you’re doing great.

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