by Hugh Fox
Christmasing and Chanukaing
into violin-tromboning blasting
Polonaise from Rimsky-Korsakov’s
Christmas Eve Suite into the BBC’s
Slaughter-Evening News, vegetarian
deer on the side of the road waiting
to be shot, does grass feel pain/loss,
fifty, sixty, a hundred years, what
percentage aging, what percentage
Delibesian-Coppelia ailes de pigeon,
ballotté, chaînés, ciseaux, joyeuse* dying,
bring them all back, Christmas-Chanukah
dinner every night (car-breakins during
the Christmas-Chanukah services), me
remembering Christmases along the Thames
next to Notre Dame, letting beliefs in
afterlives rain-cover all the year-seconds
before ascending winged “death. “

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