Icons in the House

Icons in the House
by Ivan Jenson
Nostradamus asked me
my plans for tomorrow
and I said,
“you tell me”
while Buddha
sat there refusing
to go to Jenny Craig
and Santa
laid off
Baby New Year
broke down and cried
because he
was born
too late for
so Mother Teresa
held the child
while Father Time
Chimed in
with his
Ding Dong
which has
always been
such a drag

0 thoughts on “Icons in the House

  1. Check me out
    All about
    And kiss my shoe
    As I publish this haiku
    Revenge is sweet
    And Oh so neat
    This Haiku’s complete
    When you kiss my feet
    Not much more missing
    Of mutual blissing
    And stand-up p***ing
    when I receive your blessing

  2. I rewrote this in my head as Mother Nature being Father Time in drag. Then I reread it and noted it was Mother Teresa.
    Buddha refusing Jenny Craig is a hoot. Weight Watchers Points for 2 medium fresh Figs: 1 POINT. Eat to your heart’s content Buddha.

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