In the mail today.

We braved through the rain and construction over to Austin’s sketchy east side today to check our PO Box and found it crammed with books and letters and little tickets saying, “We couldn’t fit this in your box. Come and get it at the desk.” So we stood in line, listened to a bunch of mexican babies cry as they wiped flaming hot cheeto dust on their mother’s pants to get the things you sent us. They brought us a box of things. We simply want to let you know that we’ve received the things you sent us and will be reviewing them over time. Here are some of the finer wares we received today:
-Always / Far: lyrics and drawings by david francis from OilCan Press
-When Pacino’s Hot, I’m Hot: A Miscellany of Stories and Commentary by Robert Levin from Drill Press
– A letter from a Band teacher from Port Charlotte Highschool in Murdock, FL asking us to send in a recipe for their fund raising cookbook.
– Track This: A Book of Relationship by Stephen Bett from BlazeVox Book
– CD: Savage Ideal – Ghosts by Christian Wright from Buried Electric / Connexion Bizarre
– Lifer by Annette Basalyga from Music of Note
– Postcard from David Berman
– Impulse & Warp: The Selected 20th Century Poems by Dan Raphael from Wordcraft of Oregon
– Assuming Size from Monster House Press
– yo quiero mas sangre: random acts of poetry by ryan buynak (poster included)
…and a few other things we’re not sure why were sent to us, but we’re pleased. We never mind receiving things in the mail. We’ll try to review everything, be patient.

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